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Транскрибирование и полезные выражения из интервью Fantastic Beasts

Смешное интервью с актерами, которые играют главные роли в фильме 'Fantstic Beasts and Where to Find Them"
Host: This is super exciting for me. I grew up with Harry Potter, I love the whole Universe. So to be able to talk to you both now is fantastic. So you are going to carry the legacy further, that means no pressure on you, right?
Eddie & Katherine: No, no. (Laughing)
Host: Do you feel under pressure?
Eddie & Katherine: Well, just a couple of fans’ expectations. Eddie shows “Sweat”
Eddie: But we had this weird thing though by which the people: JK Rowling, obviously David Yates, who directed the film and David Heyman the producer. because they have worked together so much, they had this great intimacy and kind of camaraderie that they made us feel super comfortable.
They sort of deceived us into that we are making this film, that we were just making a little indie film. “No, it didn’t really matter”, “No, nobody really care”.No, it's only now when we have started doing press, we feel the weight of journalists expectations.
So, I play Newt Scamander, who is a British wizard, who has been... who was expelled from Hogwards in 1926. He comes over to New York with a suitcase filled with magical creatures that are illegal, but he's been travelling one around the world finding these creatures believing they are misunderstood. But when he arrives in New York a few escape and that leads him to bump into this one and the merry band, and it kind of opens up the story of good vs evil much kind of more epic story in some way.
Katherine: It just occurred to me now that both Newt and Tina are kind of rebels and he got kicked out of Hogwarts and at the beginning of the film she's been demoted at work, so she's sort of ... She's like a career gal without a career, when you first meet her. She's sort of struggling between both feeling like courageous and outgoing and confident and then also vulnerable and insecure. So she's a bit of a jumble. And it is through joining together with (well) particularly Newt but with the main four, that she kind of gets her groove back.
Eddie: Tina gets her groove.
Katherine: Yeah, that's the 'Beasts and where to find them and Tina gets her groove'
Eddie: Oh, I like this one. Great story, fantastic beasts and Tina's groove.
Host: If you could bring one thing from the magical world from 'Fantastic beasts and where to find them' to this world, what would you like to have here? Would it be a spell, would it be a fantastic beast maybe?
Eddie: Oh, I think it would be a fantastic beast. I'm obsessed with Pickett. He's a little Bowtruckle and just sits in my pocket
Host: He is you favorite?
Eddie: He is my favorite and he's a hugger. And all he wants is a bit of love. And he just chatters away and picks logs. Who wouldn't want just hang out with him?
Katherine: Yeah, that's tough. I have a soft spot for the Pickett as well, but I love this idea of operating and not having to (you know) go to an airport ever again
Eddie: Or if you wanted to become reach you could just have a Niffler. And just set Niffler loose somewhere on left Bond street.
Katherine: Yeah, that's true. Trump tower?
Host: And last but not least, what is your favorite magical spell in the movie?
Eddie: Petrificus Totalus. Just cause I like saying it.
Host: Oh, what did it do?
Eddie: Oh, it's sort of stopping.
Host: Oh, can you say it again.
Eddie: Petrificus Totalus
Katherine: Oh, I don't know if I have a favorite. We don't, I don't, oh my gosh, I'm blanking when it is, what I love ...
Eddie: Obliviate?
Katherine: No, no, with the one word.
Eddie: Revelio?
Katherine: No
Eddie: What? Stupefy?
Katherine: Stupefy! That's my favorite one
Eddie: That's embarrassing she can't remember it. Seems to be perfect
Katherine: Hm, say Stupefy to me, I'm gonna keep talking and you just say it whenever you want to say it, just feel free...
Host: Stupefy!
Eddie: Oh, that was pretty well acted, you are an actress?
Host: You are a good actress
Katherine: Available
Host: Thank you so much.It was a pleasure

carry the legacy - нести наследие
camaraderie - дух товарищества
indie film - независимое кино
to be expelled - быть отчисленным
to be kicked out - быть отчисленным (разг. выпнули из университета)
to be demoted - быть пониженным в должности
gal - амер. girl
jumble - путаница, беспорядок
get your groove back - невозможно точно перевести на русский, как вариант “снова зажечь искру в себе”, “вернула свою жизнь в нормальное русло”.
hugger - кто-то, кто любит обнимашки
chatter away - болтать
have a soft spot - испытывать особую привязанность
set loose - отпустить с поводка (привязи)
Bond street - Бонд-стрит (Bond Street) — с XVIII века улица элитных бутиков и магазинов в лондонском районе Мэйфэр.
oh my gosh - жарг. Oh my God
I’m blanking - вылетело из головы, не могу вспомнить

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